Chandler Assignment Notebooks


Please use the information below to be prepared to begin our second semester adventure! 





Concert Choreography Groups ......for Spring 2018 


1.  All choreographers will have five class periods to teach and show their dances.


2.  All choreographers need to complete the following and be prepared to teach Due:  1/11/18:

            a. choreographer packet (included on this website)...Pieces are to be 3 minutes in length

            b. printed lyrics (these can be set to music or be other forms of accompaniment such as poems, stories, or silence)

            c. 2 concert ready CDs (labeled with your name and title-not the song title- and each in a plastic case)...edited

            d. hands on visual aids for use during your teaching time  


3.  Prepare your lesson plan using this time line: (Review all Doris Humphrey assignments before you begin!!)

            a.  Class #1:  40 minutes

            b.  Class #2:  40 minutes

            c.  Class #3    40 minutes  (2 minute showing) requirements:  2 minutes


                                                                                                             variety of formations/floorpatterns

                                                                                                             oppositional movement  

                                                                                                             varitey of motif changes (10 ways to change motif)


            d.  Class #4:  40 minutes (Revise teacher critiques) and finish piece

            e.  Class #5:  40 minutes (watch, run, revise, repeat) (Finished showing) requirements:  Finished 3 minute piece


                                                                                                                                                        Variety of formations/floorpatterns

                                                                                                                                                         Range of motion (performance ready)

                                                                                                                                                         Meaningful ending (theme dictates)


                                   Dancers will be graded on the following which is also your responsibility:

                                              Knowledge of movement and counts 

                                              Smooth transitions

                                              Knowledge of formations and floorpatterns

                                              Knowledge of quality changes

                                              Projection/concert confidence (portrays theme) 


Modazz Concert Pieces


 To be announced..



Classroom Guidelines and Expectations

Spring 2018


  1. Participation and dress requirements for dance class:
    1. Every student is expected to dress out properly and participatedaily
    2. If you do not dress out properly, you will still participate
    3. Each day of dance class is worth 8 points which can be earned by dressing out properly and participating in class
  2. Acceptable Dress for Dance Class
    1. Non-revealing dance top (exercise top) to the waist
    2. Jazz pants, non-see through leggings, or biker shorts (mid-thigh or longer)
    3. Hair pulled back out of face and secured with hair ties and bobby pins
    4. Absolutely no street shoes in class and no dance shoes are required**If you do not follow acceptable dress code for dance class you will be sent to the front office with a referral on the fourth offense.
  3. Injuries
    1. If you are injured, notify your teacher and an alternate written assignment will be available to make up the missed points for not participating that day in class.
  4. In the Dance Room and Locker Room
    1. WATER ONLY, other drinks and food will not be permitted in the dance room or in the locker room whatsoever. Absences
  1. Parents must call within 24 hours of the absence at 812-7703 in order to have the absence excused
  2. If you are absent you are required to complete two make up assignments for each absence
    1. This includes field trips, pep assemblies, athletic meets, etc.
    2. Make up assignments are located in the dance room filing cabinet and on Buren’s CHS webpage.
  3. Make up assignments are DUE within one week of the absence  
  4. Tardies
  1. You are expected to be in the locker room when the bell rings for the start of class
  2. Once the bell rings, you have five minutes to get dressed for class and be in the dance room, ready for class
  3. If you are coming late from another class, you MUST have a pass from the teacher
  4. If you do not have a pass, you WILL BE SWEPT Each Student will be required to keep a dance notebook*Brought with you every day to class*A 3-ring binder, not just pockets*Pencil or Pen for each day (remember to bring 2)*On the cover of the notebook include:
  5. *A 3-ring pencil holder or bag that attaches to the notebook
  6. *Containing blank notebook paper for assignments and notes
  7. *Only Used for Dance Work
  9. Dance Notebook
  • First and last name
  • Student Class Number
  • Number all pages in the upper right hand corner
  • Highlight all numbered pages
  • Goal for the classPhones in Class
  1. Phones will only be used in class during appropriate times and approved by the teacher
  2. If phones are used inappropriately in class, there will be no more phone usage permitted and the phone will be held by the teacher until the end of the class periodDance Letter
  1. 200 hours
  2. Teacher Signature within a week of completed work
  3. Dance Club, Performances, Committee Work, and helping with anything dance related outside of class time
  4. Dance letters will be awarded at the Dance Banquet in May.  
  5. Student Expectations

  1. If you are injured during class, rehearsal, performance, or dance field trip, you are expected to remain in that position until a student or witness notifies the teacher
  2. Have a positive attitude and an open-mind
  3. Have and show respect for your fellow students and teachers
  4. Participate the entire class time and give your best effort
  5. Complete assignments on time, no late work is accepted
  6. Do all make-up work, including showings and tests, during Buren’s posted office hours. They will NOT be done during class time
  7. Maintain responsibility for yourself and your grade, there is no extra credit.





Modazz/Advanced/Improv Dance Concert


*This is a mandatory performance.  You will be required to attend all rehearsals and performance times or you will be cut from the concert.  If you do not meet the requirements and do not perform in the concert, a second critique will be due in its place.


*Rehearsals:  March 27 & 28, April 3, 4, 5, 9, 10 & 11…….(Concert April 12)


  1. Rehearsals are mandatory (please include in your family calendar ASAP)
  2. Time: 2:30-5:00…(please have ride ready at 5:00 in west parking lot of CCA)
  3. Place: CCA Mainstage
  4. Contract: A contract with the dates provided above will be given out and I ask that                           of attending and participating in this group event that depends on each     Note: (details of what will occur at each rehearsal)
  6.                           student to run smoothly.      
  7.                            both parent and student sign, so all involved understand the importance    
  1. March 27 & 28….…… students will use their completed lighting cue sheetsto set all of their                                             are also able to run the piece with the stage manager calling the cues!
  3.                                              light, warning, and go cues. AND complete in a timely manner so they
  4. April 3, 4, 5……...all students in the show (also from Advanced and Improv) will  
  5. meet and tech run (this is the first chance for all dancers and tech crew to run the entire show). This is when all the timing is figured out in sequence for the concert. No costumes at this rehearsal.
  6. April 9, 10, 11…..all students in the show will be prepared to dress run the concert. These                                             are required to have the french braid, stage make-up, dance leotard                                                Modazz leotard and t-shirt, and jewelry/nail polish removed.*Concert:  April 12
  9.                                              camisole, (appropriate colored under garments as well), dance tights,
  10.                                              two rehearsals are to be run just like the night of the actual show. Students
  1. Call: (time students are required to be at the CCA) is 4:30. If a student shows up later than                                       company class (all dancers take together to warm-up), and thanking the tech 
  2.                        crew from 4:30-7:00pm.
  3.                       Students will be organizing costumes, preparing their changing areas, taking
  4.                        4:30 they will be pulled from the performance.
  5. Curtain: (time the show begins) is 7:00pm. (The foyer will be open at 6:30 and tickets                             are expected to sell pre-sale tickets…all tickets are $5.00 and this money goes  
  7.                              toward the cost of printing programs, costumes, fieldtrips and other expenses.
  8.                              can be purchased and the audience will find their seats.) All Modazz students
  9. After the finale: All students are required to help strike (clean all of our concert items                                         family are invited to wait in either the CCA Foyer or Green Room                                          well before that time. Thank you for understanding that the concert is not                                 
  10. Requirements for All Students Performing in Concert:
  12.                                          complete until students clean up.
  13.                                          The estimated time that students will leave is 10:00pm but we usually finish
  14.                                          only (as dressing rooms are being used as dressing rooms).
  15.                                         out of the CCA). Please be patient while we complete this task. Parents and
  • Black jazz pants (all black including the waist band)
  • Beige/skin color dance leotard camisole
  • Modazz Class T-shirt for Finale
  • Beige dance tights  
  1. How you will be graded at Chandler High School



The semester is divided into three separate parts:

Third Quarter: 40%

Fourth Quarter: 40%

Final Exam: 20%


Dance Class Point Values


Quarter 3 & Quarter 4

  1. Attendance/Participation/Dressing Out- 40%               b. Showings- 20% c. Written Tests- 20% d. Written Assignments- 15% e. Peer Critique (5%)(3rd Quarter) Dance Concert Critique (5%) (4th Quarter)





    1. You are required to see a professional, college, studio or high school dance performance. After attending the performance, fill out the critique form, attach a program and ticket stub and turn it in within a week of the performance.
  • All critiques are due by May 18th!!!


All critiques are due by May 18th!!


Name _________________________________ Number #________ Class____________


Dance Critique Assignment


Directions: You are required to attend one professional, university, junior college, or high school dance performance. After you see the performance you have ONE week to complete this form, attach a copy of your program, and turn it in to your dance teacher. THE LAST DAY TO TURN IN CRITIQUES IS May 18th.


Name (or title) of performance_______________________________________

Place (location of performance) _____________________________________

School or company performing _______________________________________

Date of performance ________________________

Time _____________

Cost ______________

Ticket/Program Attached__________


Please answer the following reflection questions after you have seen the dance performance. Include three sentences for each response:


  1. In your opinion, was the concert successful? Explain.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
  4. What can you apply and use in your own performance in a concert?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. Describe the etiquette of the performers before and after the concert.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. Describe the overall type of music used. Was there a type that was overused? Why or why not?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
  12. Describe the overall type of dance movements incorporated in the choreography. Was there any type that was overused? Why or why not?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  15. Please give two examples of different formations that you saw:

  1. Describe the last piece of the concert. Why do you think it was placed last?













Dear parent/guardian,


In order to maintain an understanding of what is expected of your child in this class, we have read the attached pages in class and ask that you also read them.  (Please pay close attention to the dates surrounding the concert rehearsals and performances as they are required for your child to participate in the concertperformance.)


It is essential for both the student and the parent/guardian to be aware of what is expected of the student in this class, so we can work together to provide a respectful environment where learning can occur for all students.


Please except this invitation to contact me at anytime!  I encourage parent communication and ask that you contact me if you have questions or concerns.  My contact information is below.


I am looking forward to a productive spring semester!!


Kathie Buren                                                         Office Hours:

480-812-7989                                                         Tuesdays 2:15-3:15                                     Thursdays 2:15-3:15    






Who: Parents and students

How:  Log onto the CUSD website and go

            to the upper right hand corner of

            screen and find "register" follow

            instructions from there.

Note:   You will need to register with each of your child’s teachers.


Use the website to:

Check due dates on the calendar

Find valuable information

View current pictures of our dance concerts
















































This signature form is due back to your dance teacher on:

Friday, January 12th




Signing below states that you have read and understand the requirements and guidelines for this class.  


_____________________________       _________________________________   _______

  Parent/guardian name PRINTED                        Parent/guardian’s Signature              Date


_____________________________        ________________________________    _______

  Student name PRINTED                                       Student Signature                             Date


Additional Parent/Guardian Information: (Please note)


Concert rehearsals:


    1. March 27 & 28, April 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11 (2:15-5:00pm)
  • Change of Schedule: April 5th rehearsal will end at 4:30pm
  1. Pick up for students is on the west side of the CCA at 5:00pm
  2. Concert is on April 12 (Call is 4:30pm and students are released within 30 minutes of the end time of the concert)         
  3. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  4. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  5. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  6. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  7. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  8. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  9. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  10. I understand the amount of information you are receiving at this time may be overwhelming. Please feel free to leave any questions/concerns in the space provided below:









Information and due dates for Fall  


1 Emily has the current phone list.   

2.  Monday, July 24:  (first day back to school)..M/T/F (1-6), W/TH (135 and 246 Block)


                           a.  Emily printed phone list

                           b.  Erin detailed plans for the group activity for the first week

                           c.  Vote dance club officers


3.  Tuesday, July 25:


                           a.  Planner (paper or phone)(All CHS Dance Fall dates included) 

                           b.  Annotations and Summary for:  Choreographers are Special People


4.  Wednesday, July 26: 


                           a.  Turn-style lock (one per person)

                           b. Dance clothes

                        c. Notebook

                        d.  Annotations and Summaries for:  What to Dance About/The Theme/Ingredients and Tools 


5.  Friday. July 28


                            a.  Signed guidelines

                        b.  1st Buddie meeting complete

                        c.  Bless (CP, 2CDS, printed lyrics, and costume ideas)....teaches complete dance 7/31-8/4!
















            c.  Choreography:  (Bless teaches week #2) (Catherine teaches week #3)

                                  *Both are ALL pieces

                                  *Complete Choreography Packets..figure lesson planning will have the entire week to complete

                                  *Printed lyrics and music on CD

                                  *Costume ideas 

                                  *Catherine..list of ballet terms used in your choreography  

3.  Erin:  plan something for group the first week back





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