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Village life refers to the rural lifestyle and the city life refers to the urban lifestyle. After a long time of Independence, India is still divided into two different states that is Bharat and the other in India.

Village life and city life is totally different from each other, thus it shows the realities which prevails in rural and urban parts of the country.

Village Life: 

In India is a land of agriculture and villages. Approximately 67% of the country’s population still lives in villages. The village peoples have a mindset that the life in urban areas is full of difficulties.

What they do not like is vehicular pollution, crowd, constant noise and smoke in cities, which make them feel uneasy.

But those who raised in cities, they love the hectic pace of life. They love to chase their dreams of money, power, and the social status. Each new day brings to them new problems and complications for which they always struggle to adjust and survive in the rat-race of life.


Gandhi had said that “The real India lives in Villages”. The simplicity and beauty of nature show the culture and heritage of India. Many Lives of the people in villages mostly depend on agriculture. Some people earn their living from animal husbandry and agro-based cottage industries. And most of the villagers are farmers.

They work hard on their farms from the morning sun they start their work till the day ends.

Sometimes their hard work gives success and many times they fail due to several reasons.

They live in peace and happiness in what they have with them but they face many problems such as poverty, low standard of living and lack of education.

City Life: 

The people from villages are migrating in search of Jobs and the glare of material comforts and facilities is leading to large-scale migration of people from rural to urban areas. Today, the villagers in the country are now also advancing in terms of standard of living.

The urbanization in villages is taking place at a fast pace; electricity, piped water, concrete roads, telephone/mobile phone, computers, education and medical care are accessible facilitates in many parts of rural India. farmers are now using modern agricultural implements and in place of oxen. They are plowing the fields with tractors.


The life in Urban areas is marked by the wide-ranging disparity. There are luxuries residents who have unlimited means of Enjoyment but some people are so poor that they have to live in slums. There is Economic inequality, pollution and garbage are the banes of urban existence.

The people in cities have to face the problem of inadequate water supply. But then to people wants to live in cities because they get facilities for good education, healthcare, transport and so many modes of comforts and entertainment.

There are many opportunities for employment in cities, unlike villages where very few people are gainfully employed.


City life is the boon in many ways, but on the other hand, it is also a curse. Every year the population of cities is growing by leaps and bounds, increasing pressure on their infrastructure and reducing life to a dehumanized rat race.


Thus, life in villages and in cities presents two contrasting pictures. There are positive as well as negative aspects of the both and it is up to the individuals to make the most of it irrespective of the rural or urban setting that one lives in.


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