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 Oliver Cromwell Argumentive Essay | Surya Niharsh Karthikeyan Oliver Cromwell made sure that the poor people got some money instead of starving. How did he do that? He taxed the nobles more in order for this to happen. Another thing that Oliver Cromwell did was that, he was considered a king in all but name. Even though Oliver Cromwell tried many ways to steer people away from the idea of having a new king, the people preferred a king to rule over them. In the end, Oliver Cromwell got more power than any other king at that time. It was also agreed that after he died, his son would take the responsibilities of the Lord Protector. Against: Like said before, modern historians consider Oliver Cromwell as an inhuman monster for what he did to Ireland. Catholics in Ireland were harming the Protestants in ways that

one cannot imagine. For example, the Catholics started cutting of people’s hands a


legs and started beating women’s brains with poles. It was Oliver Cromwell’s belief that

the Catholics must be punished. He had beaten the Catholic rebels in Drogheda but they had refused to surrender to Cromwell, so he ordered his soldiers to kill them. Most of them hid in a church but Oliver Cromwell set the church alight and many people died. This was really bad because there might be innocent people who were scared

and didn’t wan

t to get involved in this fight. Another bad action Oliver Cromwell took was to impose Puritanism on his people instead of letting them have their own belief.

He made sure that the people didn’t

have to be part of that religion but had to practice what a typical Puritan would practice. One example is that nobody was allowed to work or even play football/soccer on Sundays because the people were supposed to go to church. Oliver Cromwell and other Puritans closed down theatres because they thought that the devil used it. They also banned dancing around May poles and on Christmas, it was supposed to be a day of fasting (no eating allowed). Like said before, Oliver Cromwell was king in all but name. During the years from 1649


1658, Oliver Cromwell had more power than anyone else in Britain at that time. His enemies said that Cromwell was being greedy for power and had taken all the power of the king yet just without the name. He also had that all MPs (Members of Parliament) who had supported King Charles I were not allowed into the Parliament after 1648. This is bad because MPs might have had really good ideas that would have benefited

England. Since Oliver Cromwell banned these MP’

, he gave their power to other Puritans.

When Oliver Cromwell became Lord Protector of England and ‘’King’’, the power he

gained from overthrowing King Charles I changed his mindset quite dramatically which in the end lead to his own execution after his death. He controlled the information disseminated to the people. For example

, he sent out ‘’journals’’ that contained

only those information that he wanted them to know. Because of this, people looked up to

Essay about Oliver Cromwell a Hero not a Villain

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Was Oliver Cromwell a hero or a villain?

I think Oliver Cromwell was a hero. He was good – hearted and ambitious, and he wanted England to be at it’s best with no corruption and unfair methods. He thought Charles was not doing the right thing, so he worked hard and got him executed.

Oliver Cromwell was a Member of Parliament (MP) and was against king Charles and his ways, so he worked hard and got the king executed. After that, he got offered the post of king, but he refused it, but was Lord Protector of the country. After some time, he dismissed parliament (because he thought they were getting selfish and greedy), and ruled on his own until he died of an infection on the 3rd of September 1658.

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You can trust this source as Churchill was in a high position and was responding to a harsh comment made by someone in the public. Cromwell was determined and strong-willed, as he fought for what he believed in when he helped to get King Charles executed. He thought what he was doing was right, and considered himself acting in god’s name.

Cromwell was a villain. He was a hypocrite. He executed Charles – one of the reasons why was because he dismissed parliament, and yet he does it himself! “Cromwell often did not do as he promised. The army officer who thought promotion should be on performance and not birth was also the country gentleman who believed in rights for the gentry. Cromwell criticised the government of Charles I for its unfairness, yet he was corrupt himself. The defender of the parliament led that parliaments own army against it and closed it down.” Historian Roger Howell in images of Cromwell, 1977. You can rely on this source telling you the truth as it is from a book and usually books are not biased. Cromwell was a villain. He often did not listen to people’s views and did everything his own way, not taking in other people’s opinions. Cromwell was a villain. “Cromwell said he was a man of the people but people at the time said he ruled without listening to their views or parliament’s (even the Rump full of his supporters). He became selfish and only asked the unpopular ‘Major

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