Half Hanged Mary Essay

Atwood revisits a witch hanging, an incident familiar in American history, and forces the readers to revise their understanding of the event by telling the story through the eyes of the accused. Atwood is a feminist who is deeply interested in women’s rights and in the plight of women who are held subservient in a male-run society. Her novel The Handmaid’s Tale (1985) portrays a futuristic society where the men in power control women as completely as Mary Webster’s seventeenth century Puritan society controlled her. “Half-Hanged Mary,” like much of Atwood’s other work, is a political statement.

Telling her own story and expressing her own feelings, Mary challenges many assumptions about the events she narrates. One assumption is that she is, in fact, a witch. The reader sees her as bright (she understands her situation fully), responsible (she cares for herself and others in her town), and strong (she outlasts her own hanging). Her treatment is based primarily on fear. The men fear Mary, her independence, and her powers, and they also fear their own act of violence. When she refuses to die, they fear Mary even more. The women fear connection with Mary because they know that only the slightest circumstances separate them from her: In the most basic way, they are connected because they are women and, as women, they are controlled by men. When Mary looks to her God for help, she only finds indifference. Having practiced faith, charity,...

(The entire section is 416 words.)

Before I turn students loose to work, we read through the entire poem together.  Then, I tell them they have fifteen minutes to read and answer the questions on their own.  They must use textual evidence to answer the questions (RL.9-10.1).  The questions attached to the poem also ask them to evaluate character (RL.9-10.3), determine the meaning of words in the text (RL.9-10.4), and analyze the author's choices regarding the structure of this poem (RL.9-10.5).  This video explains why you should teach HHM, particularly the 3am section

At the end of their fifteen minutes of individual time, I let them compare their answers with a partner.  I tell students,

The group of students who have the most complete, text based answers at the end of ten minutes will win a prize tomorrow.  

I love healthy competition in the classroom and candy is a great motivator.  


At the end of class, I collect the papers and will announce winners during the next class period.  

Here are examples of student work.  They are organized into the individual pages of the poem.  HHM1.JPG, HHM 2.JPG, HHM3.JPG, HHM 4.JPG

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