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Assignment Ungs 2030 World 1 "Assignment Ungs 2030 World" Assignment Ungs 2030 World ISLAMIC WORLDVIEW (UNGS 2030) STANDARD CONTENTS Department of General Studies, 2013

2 The Meaning of WV ‘Worldview’ is an English translation of the German term “Weltanschauung”. It is rendered in Arabic as “Ru’yat u li al-wujud or Tasawur li al-wujud”, ( ) رؤية للوجود أو تصور للوجود 2

3 Assignment Ungs 2030 World WORLDVIEW DEFINED: A set of attitudes on a wide range of fundamental matters. A comprehensive set of propositions about 100 Word Essay Is How Many Pages aspects of the world. A unified and comprehensive view of the world around us and man’s place within it. Attitute on fundamental matters About various aspects of the world Comprehensive view of world, men 3

4 Assignment Ungs 2030 World BASIC ASSUMPTIONS WV Basic assumptions and images that provide a more or less coherent, though not necessarily accurate, way of thinking about the world. A is a profile of the way Assignment Ungs 2030 World people within a specified culture live, act, think, work and relate. It is a “map” or culture’s social, religious, economic and political views and relationships Assumption on thinking of world coherently, not accurate World view is about people’s culture, action, thinking, word About cultural, social, religious, economic and political views and their relationship. 4

Preliminary Bibliography Meaning In Urdu 5 WHAT A WORLDVIEW DOES A worldview encapsulates answers regarding broad questions of "life understanding." These questions are lifetime concerns and sources of anxiety. They involve fundamental matters, expressed Assignment Ungs 2030 World the form of queries. Here are some examples of ongoing human concerns: It answers Understanding about life Fundamental matters Human concerns 5

"Assignment Ungs 2030 World" Assignment Ungs 2030 World 6 IFLUENCE OF WV Worldview influences all aspects of life Assignment Ungs 2030 World worldviews such as Islam cover all aspects of life including the personal, social, economic, political, cultural, civilization besides dealing with spiritual, moral, and Aqidah issues. But there are other worldviews which focus only on spiritual, material, social, or economic aspects of human life. Any worldview should be able to answer the ultimate questions not necessary correct answers but at least consistent Aspects of life Personal, social, economic, political, cultural, civilization. Spiritual, moral, Aqidah 6

7 Assignment Ungs 2030 World IMPACT OF WORLDVIEW 1.Helps us to know peoples and their cultures. 2.Helps us to interact with nature, individuals, nations, cultures and civilizations. 3.Helps us to correct our own values, perspectives, attitudes and behaviours. 4. Helps us to formulate theories of sociology, culture, etc. knowing people and culture Interact with nature, individuals, nations, culture and civilizations To correct our value, perspectives, attitudes, behaviours To formulate, theories of Assignment Ungs 2030 World, sociology and culture… 7

8 Fundamental Questions addressed by WV How far out does the universe go? Did it have a beginning and will it have an end? Assignment Ungs 2030 World did humans come about here on earth? Does life have a purpose? If it does, what is Assignment Ungs 2030 World that gives meaning to one’s life? Does one’s daily conduct matter in the long run? What happens to a person at his/her death? Is there God? What are His attributes? What is good and what is bad? How can one know the good and the bad? How should one treat others? How is knowledge obtained? About universe Arrival of Human to this world Purpose of men Men’s conduct Men’s death God and his attributes Good/bad Treating others knowledge 8

Takeaway Homework Science HelpAssignment Ungs 2030 World Definition of Islamic WV “ A metaphysical survey of the visible as well as the invisible worlds including the perspective of life as a whole”. Al-Attas in “Islam and the Challenge of Modernity, p. 27. Islamic worldview encompasses Assignment Ungs 2030 World issues of universe, creator, prophet- hood, society, man, and hereafter. A metaphysical survey Of visible and invisible Perspectives of life Universe Creator Prophet hood Society Man Hereafter 9

10 Islamic WV It is not a worldview that is formed Assignment Ungs 2030 World by amalgamation or historical concoction of various cultural values. Rather, it is a well established framework derived from the revelation and interpreted by Muslim scholars throughout Islamic history View form the revelation and what Islamic Scholars’ Interpretation throughout history 10

11 Assignment Ungs 2030 World Islamic WV This frame of reference provides us with correct and consistent answers to the ultimate questions pertinent to the issues of God, unseen, man, universe, and life. It also guides man as a vicegerent of Allah to the correct belief Assignment Ungs 2030 World, shari‘ah, and ethical values. Issues of God Unseen Man Universe Life Khalifah concept Shari’ah Ethical values 11

Assignment Ungs 2030 WorldAssignment Ungs 2030 WorldAssignment Ungs 2030 World 12 Islamic WV The worldview of Islam encompasses both al-dunia ( الدنيا ) and al-akhirah ( الآخرة ) in which the dunia aspect must be inextricably linked to the akhirah aspect, and in which the akhirah aspect has ultimate and final significance. Aspects of Assignment Ungs 2030 World Akhirah 12

13 The Main Elements of Islamic worldview God; Revelation (i.e. the Qur’an) and Prophethood; God’s Creation; Man and the psychology of human soul; Knowledge; Religion Freedom; Values and virtues; Hereafter And happiness. 13

Assignment Ungs 2030 World 14 The Objectives of Islamic worldview To provide the Muslims with the true knowledge and explanation about the world, seen and unseen, they are explained in the Qura'n. Provision of true knowledge about Dunia and Akhirah seen and unseen 14

15 Assignment Ungs 2030 World The Objectives of Islamic worldview To teach people the way and method how to achieve the main values of Islam in human life. To establish the fundamental ethical precepts, such as justice, freedom, trust, and dignity of human life and existence. Seeking Islamic values Ethical values such as Islamic precepts Justice Freedom Trust Dignity of human English Sample Essays Leaving Cert 2016 existence 15

"Assignment Ungs 2030 World" 16 The Objectives of Islamic worldview worldview of Islam comprises both al-dunya and al-Akhirah aspects, in which the dunya-aspect must be related profoundly to the Akhirah- aspect, and in which the Akhirah- aspect has ultimate and final significance. Islamic worldview is not a worldview that is formed merely by the gathering together of various cultural objects, values and phenomena Assignment Ungs 2030 World artificial coherence. Relationship between Dunya and Akhirah It is not the study of only Cultural The Christ Child In Medieval Culture Essay phenomena 16

17 The Objectives of Islamic worldview nor is it one that is Assignment Ungs 2030 World gradually through a historical process of philosophical speculation and scientific discovery, which must "Assignment Ungs 2030 World" necessity be left vague and open- ended for future change and alteration in line with paradigms that change in correspondence with changing circumstances. It is not a worldview that undergoes a dialectical process of transformation repeated through the ages, from thesis Assignment Ungs 2030 World anti-thesis Essay Therapy For Depression synthesis It is not the study of Historical process Philosophical speculation Scientific discovery 17

18 Western Perception Assignment Ungs 2030 World Worldview Most of the western perceptions of worldview rely more on our existing reality, experience and life. They don’t give much consideration to the issues related to the unseen world and hereafter. Most of the western perceptions of worldview consider it as assumption, but this is not true "Assignment Ungs 2030 World" an Islamic perspective because in Islam, we consider it as a system and truth derived from revelation. Western world view is On existing reality Experiences Life not of unseen matter. Islamic world view is From points of revelation Islamic perspectives Norman Sims The Art Of Literary Journalism Essays

19 The Objectives of Islamic worldview Most of the western perceptions of worldview consider it as a product of culture and experience. According to them, Assignment Ungs 2030 World itself is produced people and culture. In the Muslim perspective, Islamic worldview is not a cultural product of Arab, Indian, or Malay. It is rather derived from the revealed word Assignment Ungs 2030 World God without corruption and change. This revelation is then understood by Muslims through their different cultural backgrounds and experiences. Western view product of culture and experience They say religion is the product of People culture. IWV is Not culture of Arab, India or Malay 19

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