Bus 620 Wk2 Assignment 2 Hero

What processor, memory, magnetic disk storage, and video display capabilities would you require for a personal computer that you would use for business purposes? Explain your choices. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts I would most likely say a microcomputer. Microcomputers are used for both business and consumers. I would prefer to have an intel itanium 2 processor because I like speed. The processor is probably the most important part of the computer because it is the brains of the computer. It is also responsible for how fast a program runs. There is nothing worse than a computer moving slow and even freezing. Magnetic disks are the most common form of secondary storage for computer systems. All computer systems come with a hard disk drive which is a combination of magnetic disks, access arms, and read/write heads. This also gives high amounts of speed and allows the computer to store large amounts of data. I would also want a flash memory drive just in case I need to take work elsewhere or send from a different computer. I would like for my screen to be an LCD (liquid crystal displays). I think they show a much better picture. I believe that when you are using your personal computer for business, it is

The Role of Pricing Pricing Strategies: Identity three types of pricing strategies. Select a good or service and compare the prices of two different companies associated with the goods or service. Why do different organizations have different pricing strategies for the same good or service? Respond to at least two of your classmates posts. The three major price strategies defined with in the text are Cost – based pricing, Customer – based pricing, and Competition –based pricing. Cost - based pricing looks for the breakeven point or lowest price that it takes to cover both the variable and fixed cost associated with the production of a product. The amount over this price will be considered profit. Customer – based pricing strategy takes into account a customer; the buyer’s perception value that they would receive based on the price placed on either a product or service. Competition –based pricing strategy is used by companies in a way to consider price changes made by their competitors as a way to determine whether to increase or decrease their prices. According to Finch (2012) “Alternatively, they may set a price higher than their closest competitors' prices as a means of positioning their product as a premium brand” (para. 7). Select a good or service and compare the prices of two different companies associated with the goods or service. Dish Network and Direct T.V. are both satellite television content carriers. Dish Network has service packages that range from 19.99 to 89.99 as long as you sign a contract for 24 months. Direct T.V. charges 24.99 to 92.99 for similar content packages. I believe that Direct T.V. charges more for similar service because the company sees itself as the market leader and therefore their services should be considered premium. Direct TV also has a deal with the NFL network which is used as a marketing tool to draw in customers who enjoy watching football. Also they both

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