Mcsl 036 Solved Assignment 2012-13 Nhl


Software Engineering

Session – 2

This session is to estimate the size, effort, schedule, and cost of the railwayreservation project.The four basic steps in Railway Reservation project estimation are:1.Estimate the size of the development product. This generally ends up ineither Lines of Code (LOC) or Function Points (FP), but there are other  possible units of measure. A discussion of the pros & cons of each isdiscussed in some of the material referenced at the end of this report.2.Estimate the effort in person-months or person-hours.3.Estimate the schedule in calendar months.4.Estimate the project cost in dollars (or local currency)The railway reservation project requires 75KBLOC. On the basis of this size of the project we have to estimate the remaining estimations. We have the formula toestimate the schedule of the project.Schedule in months = 3.0 * (effort-months)


Opinions vary as to whether 2.0 or 2.5 or even 4.0 should be used in place of the 3.0 value - only by trying it out will you see what works for you.Of course, you must also keep in mind other important factors that affect theaccuracy of your estimates, such as:•The accuracy of all the estimate's input data (the old adage, "Garbage in,Garbage out", holds true)•The accuracy of any estimate calculations (e.g., converting betweenFunction Points and LOC has a certain margin of error)•How closely the historical data or industry data used to calibrate the modelmatches the project you are estimating•The predictability of your organization's software development process, andwhether or not the actual project was carefully planned; monitored andcontrolled, and no major surprises occurred that caused unexpected delays.





Program in java to implement theformula(Area=Height*Width)to find the area of arectangle. Where height and width are the rectanglesheight and width32.Program in java to find the result of followingexpressions (Assume a=10, b=5)i)(a<<2)+(b>>2)ii)(a)||(b>0)iii)(a+b*100)/10)iv)a&b3.Program in Java to explain the use break and continuestatements4.Program in java to find the average of marks you obtainedin your 10+2 class5.Program in Java to find A*B where A is a matrix of 3*3and B is a matrix of 3*4.Take the values in matrixes Aand B from the user.6.Program to compute the sum of the digits of a giveninteger.7.Program with class Rectangle with the data fields width,length, area and colour. The Length, width and area areof double type and colour is of string type. The methodsareet_lengh(), set_colour(), and find_area(). Create twoobjects of Rectangle and compare their colour. If areaand colour both are same then display "MatchingRectangles", otherwise display "Non matching Rectangles"8.Create a class Account with two overloaded constructors.The first constructor is used or initializing the nameof account holder, the account number, and the initialamount in the account. The second constructor is used forinitialising the name of account holder, the accountnumber, the addresses, the type of account and thebalance. This class having methodsDeposit(),Withdraw(),and get_balance().9.Program in java to create a stack class of variable sizewith push()and pop() methods. Create two objects of stackwith 10 data items in both. Compare the top elements ofboth stack and print the comparison result10.Write a program in java to show that private member of asuper class cannot be accessed from derived classes.11.Program in java to create a player class.Inherit theclasses cricket_player , football_player andHockey_Player from player class.12.Write a class worker and derive classes Daily Worker and


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